At A Glance - Information for Patients

At A Glance - Information for Patients

Dear Patients,

I would like to welcome you to the Bielefeld Clinical Centre on behalf of all of its employees. Perhaps you have been brought here entirely unexpectedly; perhaps you were able to prepare yourself somewhat for your stay at the centre in advance. It certainly means a major adjustment for you, to be a patient in the hospital. Staying in this new, strange place tears you out of your usual living environment and is often associated with negative emotions for you and your relatives. It is most likely that you would like to be back home as quickly as possible, which we can very much understand.

Our doctors, the nursing personnel and the other employees at the Bielefeld Clinical Centre will do everything to restore you to health in the shortest period of time and to make your days in our establishment as pleasant as possible for you. We would like to ask you to support our efforts by having trust, patience and the desire to become healthy. Please bear in mind that your fellow patients feel just like you do, and have consideration for each other. Have confidence in us and do not be afraid to express your wishes, suggestions or complaints. If you do not understand something relating to your treatment or you are worried about what is happening to you and around you, do not hesitate to ask questions.

It is anchored in our company principles that we take you seriously as a patient – with all your worries, fears and requirements. Individual care and attention is thus just as important to us as your medical treatment. In order to achieve the aim of being able to offer you the highest quality in all areas, we act according to recognised standards and are certified in accordance with them. Internal and external annual quality audits ensure adherence to this aim and its further development. For example, we regularly carry out patient surveys in order to continually improve our work and to orient it towards your wishes.

In the following you will find, for example, information about the individual phases of your stay and our 30 specialist clinics. Furthermore, we introduce the Clinical Centre and its services to you in a short and concise form in the chapter „Our Service from A to Z".

On behalf of all the employees I thank you for the confidence that you have shown and wish you health and a swift recovery.

Michael Ackermann, Managing Director